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Assistant Lead Maintenance
22 North Location: Leander, Texas 78641 Type: Full Time
Job Description

The Assistant Lead Maintenance Technician is to assist the Lead Maintenance Technician in maintaining the physical integrity of the property. This involves ensuring a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment for residents, visitors, and staff.  The Assistant Lead Maintenance Technician will carry out assigned duties in a safe manner and other duties as requested by the Lead Maintenance Technician.  In the absence of the Lead Maintenance Technician, the Assistant Lead will assume all maintenance responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

 Conducts all business in accordance with company policies and procedures, state and federal laws; e.g., OSHA ADA, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other laws pertaining to apartments.

Preventative Maintenance/Safety

Ø  Must be knowledgeable of pertinent laws and EPA and OSHA regulations governing proper storage and management of hazardous materials, including solvents, flammables, caustics and Freon.

Ø  Must be aware of the condition of physical property throughout the community and immediately correct unsafe conditions; e.g., broken gates leading to the pool, broken steps, open holes, broken/burned out exterior lights.

Ø  Maintains accurate records regarding preventative maintenance, service requests (received and completed), expenditures, apartment make-ready status, work-in-progress, etc.

Ø  Must be aware of all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs, sewer cleanouts.

Ø  Has a “safety first” attitude not only with other maintenance technicians, but with all staff and residents.

Ø  Performs work area clean-up and safety related duties.

Ø  Schedules and performs minor and routine maintenance on all appropriate equipment on a regular basis.  Inspects and maintains all tools in excellent condition.

Ø  Ensures that storage areas remain locked when not in use. 


Ø  Diagnoses and performs minor and routine maintenance or repair involving the following on a daily basis.

o   Electrical and Plumbing (including water lines).

o   A/C and heating systems.

o   Water irrigation systems.

o   Stairs, gates, fences, patios, railings.

o   Tile, carpet, flooring.

o   Roofing, gutters, fasteners.

o   Interior/exterior lights.

o   Fireplaces, ceiling fans.

o   Gas fixtures and appliances where applicable.

o   Shutters, doors, cabinets, windows, sliding glass doors.

o   Boiler, gas and electric.

o   Door locks.

o   Security systems.

o   Ceiling leaks.

o   Walls, texturing, painting.

o   Pool areas, tile, hot tub/spa, pool furniture.

Ø  Inspects and helps coordinate all make-ready repairs and services.  Assists make-ready staff as required to meet deadlines.

Ø  Reports all major repairs and requisitions to Lead Maintenance Technician prior to any expenditure of funds.

Ø  Changes locks and makes keys.

Ø  Removes and transfers heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vice versa) as circumstances warrant.  Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc. to dumpster when necessary.

Ø  Must be knowledgeable of inventory levels of spare parts and supplies; inform Lead Maintenance Technician of shortages.

Ø  Identifies all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs, sewer cleanouts and prepares maps indicating same

Ø  Performs work area clean-up and safety related duties.

Ø  Ensures that storage areas remain locked when not in use.

Ø  Assists in keeping grounds neat and free of litter.  Rakes, sweeps, shovels as circumstances warrant.

Ø  Performs any additional duties assigned by manager or property supervisor.


Ø  Position requires at least 1 year of experience in maintenance, on-site multi-family property maintenance or equivalent field.

Equipment Requirement

Ø  Required to wear back support belt, goggles when working with specific equipment, masks and gloves as tasks dictate.

Work Hours

Ø  Minimum of 40 hours per week.  Weekends as circumstances warrant; on-call on a rotating basis and for emergencies.


Ø  An employee in this position must be knowledgeable and skilled in the safe use and maintenance of the following tools.

o   Hand Tools –

§  Various wrenches, hammer, grips, saws, sledgehammer, snips, posthole diggers, etc.

o   Power Tools –

§  Grinders, sanders, buffers, saws, drills, etc.

o   User-Mover Aids –

§  Wheelbarrows, dollies, hand trucks, buckets, hoists, jacks, step ladders, full ladders, double ladders.

o   Mechanical Equipment –

§  Motors, pumps, compressors, blowers, electrical and hand powered augers, etc.

o   Measuring Devices –

§  Calipers, voltmeters, ohmmeters, testing meters, PH tests, gauges, etc. 

Education and Training

Ø  High School diploma or equivalent required.

Ø  Ability to read, write, and speak English.

Ø  Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.

Required Licenses

Ø  EPA License or HVAC License

Ø  Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

Ø  Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician desired

Physical Requirements

Ø  Ability to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Must be available evenings, nights, weekends for staffing needs and emergencies.

Ø  Be able to stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of the day.  Estimate 70-85% of time is spent on feet.

Ø  Able to move equipment and appliances.

Ø  Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, meet deadlines and multi-task.

Ø  Have occasional need to perform the following physical activities:

o   Bend/Stoop/Squat

o   Climb Stairs and ladders

o   Reach above shoulder

o   Grasp/Grip/Turn tools and equipment to perform routine repairs.

o   Finger dexterity to handle tools.

o   Lift 25-50 Lbs. Note: Lifting and carrying items over 50 lbs. should be done using assistance from one or more persons.  Examples of heaviest items lifted include washers/dryers, refrigerators, A/C units, abandoned sofas, etc.

o   Able to push or pull 75 Lbs.

Ø  Good Vision – frequently need to see things clearly beyond arm’s reach.  Constant need to see small detail when performing routine maintenance duties.

Ø  Good Hearing – must use listening skills to diagnose needed repairs.

Ø  Able to work in a fast-paced environment with an attitude toward customer service.

Ø  Performs duties under pressure and meets deadlines in a timely manner.

Ø  Works as part of a team to complete assignments.

Ø  Takes instruction from supervisors.

Ø  Ability to problem-solve.

Ø  Interacts with co-workers, supervisors, guests and the public in a professional and pleasant manner.

Ø  Occasional need to utilize personal transportation to pick up the replacement parts and supplies from vendors.  Rotation “on-call” status may occasionally require expedient travel to assigned property at a moment’s notice.

Ø  MUST be able to apply principles of logical thinking to define problems, collect pertinent data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions and initiate appropriate course of action.  Must effectively convey ideas, images and goals to a diverse group of personalities.

Safety Responsibilities

Ø  Learns and complies with all company safety rules.

Ø  Must use appropriate safety equipment always.

Ø  Immediately reports any unsafe condition to Lead Maintenance Technician.

Ø  Must be familiar with all safety features on equipment, machinery, or materials used for job duties.

Ø  Must check with Lead Maintenance Technician if there is a question as to the safe procedure to be used for any job function.